Submissions from 2007

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Submissions from 2006

Senior Corporate Officers and the Duty of Candor: Do the CEO and DFO Have a Duty to Inform?, Z. Jill Barclift
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You Don’t Have to Be Ludwig Wittgenstein’: How Llewellyn’s Concept of Agreement Should Change the Law of Open-Quantity Contracts, Henry Allen Blair
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Copyright 2015 by The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System; Reprinted by permission of the Wisconsin Law Review)

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Submissions from 2005

Corporate Responsibility: Ensuring Independent Judgment of the General Counsel - A Look at Stock Options, Z. Jill Barclift
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Submissions from 2004

State v. Colosimo: Minnesota Anglers' Freedom from Unreasonable Searches and Seizures Becomes 'The One that Got Away', Edwin J. Butterfoss and Joseph L. Daly
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Gollum, Meet Smeagol: A Schizophrenic Rumination on Mediator Values Beyond Self Determination and Neutrality, James Coben
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Submissions from 2003

Part-Time Legal Education: It‘s Not Your Parents’ Old Oldsmobile, Edwin J. Butterfoss
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Red Owl's Legacy, Gregory M. Duhl
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Submissions from 2002

Same-Sex Marriage in South Africa: A Constitutional Possibility, Mary P. Byrn
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Availability of Works Cited in Recent Law Review Articles on LEXIS, Westlaw, the Internet, and Other Databases, Simon Canick
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Is Tom Shaffer a Covenantal Lawyer?, Marie Failinger
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The Colored Man Standing By the Punch Bowl, Michael K. Jordan
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The Other Shoe Drops: Minnesota Rejects Daubert, Peter B. Knapp
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Subjecting Rembrandt to the Rule of Law: Rule-Based Solutions for Determining the Patentability of Business Methods, R. Carl Moy
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Submissions from 2001

Remembering Mrs. Murphy: A Remedies Approach to the Conflict between Gay/Lesbian Renters and Religious Landlords, Marie Failinger
(29 Capital University Law Review 383 (2001))

Lena Olive Smith: A Minnesota Civil Rights Pioneer, Ann Juergens
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Submissions from 2000

A Citizen of Fine Spirit, Douglas R. Heidenreich
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Biotechnology and the Legal Constitution of the Self: Managing Identity in Science, the Market, and Society, Jonathan Kahn
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Of Learning Civil Procedure, Practicing Civil Practice, and Studying A Civil Action: A Low-Cost Proposal to Introduce First-Year Law Students to the Neglected MacCrate Skills, Raleigh Hannah Levine
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Balancing Public Health Against Individual Liberty: The Ethics of Smoking Regulations, Thaddeus Mason Pope
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