Mitchell Hamline Law Review

The Mitchell Hamline Law Review is a student-edited journal. The Mitchell Hamline Law Review is the product of the merger of Hamline Law Review and William Mitchell Law Review in 2016. Beginning with the founding of William Mitchell Law Review in 1974, the Law Review publishes timely articles of regional, national and international interest for legal practitioners, scholars, and lawmakers. Judges throughout the United States regularly cite the Law Review in their opinions. Academic journals, textbooks, and treatises frequently cite the Law Review as well. It can be found in nearly all U.S. law school libraries and online.

Current Issue: Volume 43, Issue 4 (2017)



Board of Editors

Elizabeth M. C. Scheibel
Executive Editors
Jennifer Anderson
Diane Galatowitsch
Joe McGrath
Kirsten Pagel
Symposium Editor
Joey Balthazor
Online Editor
David Stern
Notes and Comments Editor
Christian Barnes
Managing Editors
Kenzie Corrow
Jason Decker
Alex Halverson
Noah Johnson
Aaron Meland
Megan Odom
Krista Rissman