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Download Chapter 1. Discovering Our Field in Our Stories / Howard Gadlin, Nancy A. Welsch (949 KB)

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Download Chapter 3. How I Found My Groove / Howard Bellman (857 KB)

Download Chapter 4. Mediation and My Life: Moments and Movements / Lela Porter Love (946 KB)

Download Chapter 5. What Am I Doing Here? Field Notes on Finding My Way to Mediation / Ian Macduff (891 KB)

Download Chapter 6. Born to Mediate / Lucy Moore (868 KB)

Download Chapter 7. My Passage to ADR / Geetha Ravindra (896 KB)

Download Chapter 8. Crosscurrents / Nancy A. Welsh (902 KB)

Download Chapter 9. Three to Tango: Reflections of a Mediator / Johnston Barkat (903 KB)

Download Chapter 10. A Sort of Career / Chris Honeyman (916 KB)

Download Chapter 11. We Can Work It Out / Colin Rule (891 KB)

Download Chapter 12. Bashert: How I Found Dispute Resolution and It Found Me / Andrea Kupfer Schneider (956 KB)

Download Chapter 13. Synchronicity, Paradox, and Personal Evolution / Thomas J. Stipanowich (917 KB)

Download Chapter 14. The View from the Helicopter / Lisa Blomgren Amsler (947 KB)

Download Chapter 15. A Conflict Counter-Story: How a Puerto Rican Woman Ended Up in a Field Dominated by Anglo Men / Jacqueline N. Font-Guzmán (938 KB)

Download Chapter 16. The Accidental Ombudsman / Howard Gadlin (916 KB)

Download Chapter 17. A Mediator’s Path / David Hoffman (923 KB)

Download Chapter 18. Finding Joy Through a Mediation Clinic and Asian American Identity / Carol Izumi (958 KB)

Download Chapter 19. From the Portal to the Path: Finding the “Me” in Mediator / Marvin E. Johnson (892 KB)

Download Chapter 20. The Road to Becoming a Neutral: Working in the Interest of Human Needs / Homer C. La Rue (942 KB)

Download Chapter 21. My Life in Community / Bernie Mayer (910 KB)

Download Chapter 22. When Should I Be in the Middle? I’ve Looked at Life from Both Sides Now / Carrie Menkel-Meadow (962 KB)

Download Chapter 23. Becoming a Peacemaker / Christopher W. Moore (960 KB)

Download Chapter 24. Seeking Justice in the Shadow of the Law / Ellen Waldman (915 KB)

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This book features 23 chapters written by founders, thinkers, inventors, reformers, disrupters and transformers in the field of conflict resolution, thus allowing readers to explore the field’s real, on-the-ground reasons for being and evolving. The contributors include mediators, facilitators, arbitrators, ombuds, academics, system designers, entrepreneurs, leaders of conflict resolution organizations, researchers, advocates for conflict resolution, and critics of conflict resolution. They share their personal and professional stories as well as the values, aspirations and characteristics of the field that inspired them to become involved in conflict resolution, develop their careers, and both influence and wrestle with the field’s evolution.

Peter S. Adler
Howard Bellman
Lela Porter Love
Ian Macduff
Lucy Moore
Geetha Ravindra
Nancy A. Welsh
Johnston Barkat
Chris Honeyman
Colin Rule
Andrea Kupfer Schneider
Thomas J. Stipanowich
Lisa Blomgren Amsler
Jacqueline N. Font-Guzmán
Howard Gadlin
David Hoffman
Carol Izumi
Marvin E. Johnson
Homer C. LaRue
Bernie Mayer
Carrie Menkel-Meadow
Christopher W. Moore
Ellen Waldman



Publication Date



DRI Press


St. Paul, MN


Dispute Resolution, Essays, Facilitation, Ombudsman, Personal Histories, Mediation, Arbitration


Dispute Resolution and Arbitration

Evolution of a Field: Personal Histories in Conflict Resolution