William Mitchell Law Review

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31 William Mitchell Law Review 1601 (2004-2005)


The article begins with an overview of the problems of meth abuse and manufacture in Minnesota, as well as the toxins that are left behind after physical evidence of meth labs has been removed. A discussion of current statutory seller disclosure provisions in Minnesota and in other states then follows. The article next analyzes proposed Minnesota legislation that has attempted to address the problem. A survey follows of six statutory models that provide guidance for drafting legislation to encompass disclosure, buyers’ remedies, filing forms in county land records, and requiring state-wide standards for proper cleanup. Finally, a comprehensive workable solution is proposed that includes a requirement that sellers provide property buyers with copies of recorded affidavits regarding meth-lab contamination prior to signing an agreement to sell, specific seller disclosure requirements and buyers’ remedies against sellers who fail to disclose, and a means to provide notice to buyers of the existence of a website that contains information on contaminated properties.