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Selected Table of Contents

  • Emotional Distress: WMCL Law Students - and Its Impact on their Learning / Wagner, Richard
  • Government Demands Change Policy / Gerlach, Charles S.
  • Dean Haynsworth recommends Granting MIlitary Access in Memo to Faculty / Haynsworth, Harry
  • It's the Wrong Thing to Do / Nemmers, Katie
  • Minnesota Justice Foundation Fall Fundraiser / Samsa, Kathy
  • The Law and the Order / Gibbons, Michael
  • Know Your Legal Employment Options / Brandt, Patrick
  • VITA Goes to San Francisco / Kremer, Andrew

Editorial Board

Gerlach, Charles S.; Botham, Debbie; Conroy, Tom; Gibbons, Michael; Ravnitzky, Mike; Connor, Crystal, Frundt, David; Anderson, Corey

Publication Date

Fall 1997


Student Bar Association William Mitchell College of Law


Saint Paul

The Opinion - Volume 43, No. 1, Fall 1997