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Selected Table of Contents

  • The Case Against Grade Normalization / Damiano, David
  • Batson Inquiry for the Striking of a Judge / Wicka, James
  • Attention All WMCL Students: Incorrect Grades Have Been Posted and Recorded in Student Transcripts! / Anonymous
  • The Practice of Law: Occupational Hazards / Wagner, Richard
  • Memo: Mandatory Grading Curve / Pannier, Russ; Hamilton, Neil
  • Truth or Consequences / Castledine, David L.
  • Thoughts on our Two-Party System / King, Mark A.
  • Appointment Committee's Work is Done / Gerlach, Charles S.

Editorial Board

Ranallo, Traci M.; Hathaway, William D.; Mayer, Jo; Rechlitz, Jennifer

Publication Date

Spring 1996


Student Bar Association William Mitchell College of Law


Saint Paul

The Opinion – Volume 40, No. 3, Spring 1996