Submissions from 2018

“A Crime without a Name”: In Search of Justice for Genocide Victims, Ina Bartunek

Submissions from 2017

Elder Law & Feminism: Moving Toward Equity in Aging, Emily M. Flesch

Submissions from 2016

A Missing Link for Producing Practice-Ready Law Graduates and for Narrowing the Expectations-Reality Gap: 1L Judicial Internships, Inti Martinez-Aleman

Submissions from 2014

Empowering the Consumer: A Discussion on Minnesota's Dual Agency Statute and a Proposed Solution That Puts the Consumer First, Micheal Fleming

Submissions from 2013

Novelty Grace Periods: A National Law Survey, Frederik Struve

Submissions from 2012

Defense of Marriage Acts: A Fifty State Survey, Erica A. Holzer

DoMA Statutes and Same-Sex Divorce Litigation, Erica A. Holzer