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In May 1991, the William Mitchell College of Law Faculty voted to offer to all first year students the following fall a program to assist students "in learning how to work effectively with diverse others in professional situations." The faculty directed that the program be supervised by a member of the full time faculty, and that reaction to the program be evaluated by the Curriculum Committee. During the Summer 1991, the dean appointed me to supervise the program, and I asked Assistant Dean Joan Bibelhausen to assist me. The two of us worked closely with an informal group called the NCBI Trainers Group to plan and execute the Program.

I have prepared this Report to the Curriculum Committee in consultation with Assistant Dean Bibelhausen and the NCBI Trainers Group. The Report proceeds in the following manner. First, the Report sketches the history leading up to the faculty's adoption of the Program. Second, the Report describes the planning and contents of the Program. Third, the Report evaluates the Program. Fourth, the Report offers recommendations for future educational work on diversity at William Mitchell College of Law.