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Sarah Deer, Criminal Justice in Indian Country at the Berkeley Law Thelton E. Henderson Center for Social Justice Symposium, Heeding Frickey’s Call: Doing Justice in Indian Country (Berkeley, CA. Sept. 27-28, 2012) Conference Transcript, 37 Am. Indian L. Rev. 347, 374 (2013)


On March 7,2013, President Obama signed the 2013 Violence Against Women Act Re-authorization ("VAWA 2013"). Contained within that legislation is a partial re-authorization of tribal criminal jurisdiction over non-Indians, which is a topic covered in this short article. VAWA 2013 recognizes that the inherent right of tribal nations includes criminal jurisdiction over non-Indian defendants accused of domestic violence. The topics discussed in this article-statistical evidence, interdiction of violence, and protecting Native women-will likely become even more important as tribal leaders and jurists consider the future of tribal self-determination and seek to realize the full potential of the changes created by VAWA 2013.