Educating Negotiators for a Connected World: Volume 4 in the Rethinking Negotiation Teaching Series

Educating Negotiators for a Connected World: Volume 4 in the Rethinking Negotiation Teaching Series


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Download Chapter 1: Introduction: What Have We Learned? (761 KB)

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Download Chapter 3: Of Babies and Bathwater (729 KB)

Download Chapter 4: Venturing Home: Implementing Lessons from the Rethinking Negotiation Project (876 KB)

Download Chapter 5: As We See It (739 KB)

Download Chapter 6: How Different Is “Different”? Teaching Persons to Negotiate Cross-Culturally (739 KB)

Download Chapter 7: Innovations and Pitfalls in Chinese ADR Pedagogy: Experiences from the Field (764 KB)

Download Chapter 8: Muntu Meets Mencius: Can Ancient Principles Guide Modern Negotiations on the Export of Africa’s Natural Resources to China? (917 KB)

Download Chapter 9: Beyond “Negotiation 2.0”: Teaching Negotiation in the Multi-Stakeholder, Multi-Level, and Multi-Processes World of Public Policy (781 KB)

Download Chapter 10: Ethics in Legal Negotiation: A Cross-Cultural Perspective (740 KB)

Download Chapter 11: Redefining Beauty: Negotiating Consumption and Conservation of Natural Environments (725 KB)

Download Chapter 12: Following the Golden Rule and Finding Gold: Generosity and Success in Negotiation (722 KB)

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Download Chapter 15: Bringing the Street to the Classroom and the Student to the Street: Guided Forays into Street-wise Negotiations (869 KB)

Download Chapter 17: Adapting to the Adaptive: How Can We Teach Negotiation for Wicked Problems? (2.4 MB)

Download Chapter 18: Making it up as You Go: Educating Military and Theater Practitioners in “Design” (1.0 MB)

Download Chapter 19: Teaching Three-Dimensional Negotiation to Graduate Students (820 KB)

Download Chapter 20: Playing the Percentages in Wicked Problems: On the Relationship between Broccoli, Peace-keeping, and Peter Coleman’s The Five Percent (1.5 MB)

Download Chapter 21: Teaching Wickedness to Students: Planning and Public Policy, Business, and Law (803 KB)

Download Chapter 22: Embodied Conflict Resolution: Resurrecting Roleplay-Based Curricula Through Dance (779 KB)

Download Chapter 23: The Influence of Emotion in Negotiations: A Game Theory Framework (988 KB)

Download Chapter 24: A Game Of Negotiation: The “Deliberation Engine” (741 KB)

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In 2011 more than 60 of the world's leading negotiation scholars gathered in Beijing for the Rethinking Negotiation Teaching project’s third and final international conference. The event, like the preceding conferences in Rome and Istanbul, was designed to inspire a diverse and energetic group of scholars to push forward their thinking on what is taught and how it is taught in contemporary negotiation courses.

The resulting productivity required two volumes. This one wraps up the project as a whole. Multi-disciplinary and multi-national teams address the challenges of teaching negotiation in the face of profound cultural difference; move forward a project special focus on “wicked problems” (those ill-defined, ambiguous challenges for which even defining “the problem” is elusive, let alone attaining a “solution”); design innovative and concrete teaching tools for use both in and outside of the classroom; and introduce an array of new topics for the field, ranging from the possibilities of “informal” education to the role of physical movement in negotiation instruction.



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Educating Negotiators for a Connected World: Volume 4 in the Rethinking Negotiation Teaching Series