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This publication primarily contains pieces written by participants in the Dispute Resolution Institute’s (DRI) 2017 Symposium entitled: An Intentional Conversation About Public Engagement: Weaving Threads to Strengthen the Fabric of our Communities. The Symposium was the second one devoted to public engagement and followed the 2015 biennial symposium entitled An Intentional Conversation About Public Engagement and Decision Making: Moving from Dysfunction and Polarization to Dialogue and Understanding. Articles from 2015 Symposium were published in the Mitchell Hamline Law Review. The Symposium and Reflections were generously funded by a grant from the American Arbitration Association- International Centre for Dispute Resolution (AAA-ICDR) Foundation.

Chapter Authors
Joseph Bauerkemper
Toby Berkman
Elizabeth Dressel
Danny Egol
Suzanne Ghais
Tadd Johnson
Mariah Levison
Kevin Lindsey
Jill Slipper Scholtz
Rebecca St. George
Tom Wahlrab



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DRI Press


St. Paul, MN


Dispute Resolution and Arbitration

Reflections: Weaving Threads to Strengthen the Fabric of Our Communities