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The Other Side of the Door is an account of an extraordinary experiment by a remarkable group, jointly headed by contemporary artist Rachel Parish and Jack Cambria, the longtime commander of the New York Police Department's elite Hostage Negotiation Team. The group also included law enforcement professionals and students, performance poets, an emergency medicine physician, conflict management experts, a sociologist and two psychologists.

With the unprecedented combination of viewpoints and talents the group set out to create a new approach to police training form emotional competence. They learned as much from what did not work as from what did. Both the the successes and the failures are documented in this groundbreaking book. The result suggest some new possibilities for reconciling our police forces and the people they serve.

Maurice Emerson Decaul
Chris Honeyman
Elizabeth Jeglic
Teniece Divya Johnson
James O'Shea
Jenny Pacanowski
Daniel L. Shapiro
Maria R. Volpe
Georgia Winters



Publication Date



DRI Press


St Paul


Urban social policy, Multiculturalism in practice, Theatre, Innovative Training, Interdisciplinary work, Hostage Negotiation, Innovation in Policing


Law Enforcement and Corrections | Peace and Conflict Studies

The Other Side of the Door: the Art of Compassion in Policing